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Happiness in a Box – Krispy kreme Review

This morning I decided to post for the first time on my new blog ( long over due) after so much procrastination. I’ve been meaning to post for a while now and since it’s a good day, I decided to post up this review of Krispy kreme.

If you’re in Lagos and you haven’t tried the famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts, then you’re probably living in Mars. Lol!

FUN FACT: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is an American doughnut and coffeehouse company chain famous for their original glazed doughnuts, they have a presence in 34 countries around the world including Nigeria (where they currently have 6 outlets).

I am an ardent lover of Krispy kreme (sweet tooth,Sue me!). I absolutely love their dougnuts!! Light, fluffy and addicting. It melts in your mouth when you bite into it. They’re the best when hot and served with freshly brewed Coffee. I am a fan of latte and their latte is really delicious!  Taste wise, it wasn’t too sweet or too strong and it had the right amount of froth in it. Personally, this drink was perfect for me since i’m not a huge fan of bold espressos. Also as a creative, i am always looking for cool cafe’s where i can chill, work and have meetings with Clients over coffee, and Krispy kreme has a cozy vibe and ambience that is great for that and more.

Their doughnuts come in a box of 3, 6 and 12 pieces as you may desire, and the prices are affordable in my opinion, one of the original glazed doughnut costs N450, the assorted one costs N550 while the Gourmet one goes for N650 and that’s pretty good for the quality you get. The regular caramel latte goes for N1,200.

What’s more to like? There now have low sugar options like the Bran and honey doughnut, the traditional cake doughnut amongst others. Also there is a sugar chart available at all outlets to help you make decisions on sugar content.

PS: If you are team ” i can’t kill myself ” or team fitfam, don’t worry; you can happily coexist with your Krispy Kreme craving because you would always find the right happiness for you in a box!

Finally you are here 😉 Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review and find it helpful. Have you had the Kripy Kreme experience yet? Let me know your thoughts. XoXo


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