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Christmas themed Cooking Class with Miele Nigeria

Cooking is like magic, my wand sometimes looks like a spatula or in this case a bowl.

I love christmas season because everything is so colorful , laughter is in the air and so is a good time. This is when the best food is cooked. You get to fill up and eat more than you ever had. You get to have a wonderful home-cooked meal and gather around the table with friends and family. 

Early this month, I was invited to a Christmas themed cooking class by Miele Nigeria (Miele is the home of household kitchen appliances), where we cooked a 3 course meal with the help of chef Alex and right after we had a fine dining experience with everything that was made in the kitchen. Add to this free flowing wine,and friendly conversation, a full on culinary experience at the brand’s Victoria Island, Lagos showroom.

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We started the cooking class by going through the prep (chicken brine and the other ingredients) and we all were grouped into 3 for the starter, first course and dessert. The menu (see above) and a step by step recipe booklet (see below) was shared and we begun. We had so much fun cooking together and asking questions.

STARTER: Sweet potato and butternut squash soup.

Diced apple, butternut squash and sweet potatoes
Butter, Honey, and cream
Puree soup with a Blender
Seeds from butternut squash fruit stir-fried in olive oil

FIRST COURSE : Roast Turkey with stuffing and gravy.

Stir-fry Pork sausage
Stir-fry Carrot, celery, Onions .
Bread cubes
Finely minced parsley
Stuffing for the turkey
Roasted Turkey fresh from the oven
Roasted turkey with trimmings
A slice of turkey with some stuffing and gravy

DESSERT: Dark fruit cake with marzipan figurines and glaze.

Cake batter
Glazed dark fruit cake
Chef Alex

Chef Alex was extremely knowledgable, his passion for what he does shined through, he made sure everyone was on-board and did do something in the kitchen across each group.

After cooking for over 2 hours, we sat down to enjoy the amazing food and banter over the fun hands-on cookery day at Miele Nigeria.

Food Review

  • The sweet potato and butternut squash soup tasted so creamy and i love the spicy tinge it has due to the seeds of the butternut squash fruit used to garnish the soup.
  • I love the roasted turkey because it was very juicy and moist just how i love it.
  • Not really a fan of the dark fruit cake as it was too sweet but i noticed some people loved it.
  • And yes, i had enough wine and juice to last a lifetime 😊

I hope you would create a really special Christmas Dinner this year, and if you are looking for something new and interesting to do in lagos, why not mix in some socialising with learning new ways to cook? The more cooking skills you gain, the more you will enjoy it and make time for it – so grab some friends (or go solo) and head to one of Miele Nigeria cooking class and learn how to cook Top Chef worthy dishes using their appliances.

Have you ever been to a cooking Class or Cookout? What do you think about the idea of attending a Cooking class?

Let me know your thoughts !

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